New York State PERMIT

Need help getting your NYS Permit?


We know it can be confusing, starting the process to get a NYS Driver License. The first step is to obtain a NYS Permit at the DMV Office

Requirements to obtain a NYS Permit:

  • ​To apply for New York State Permit you must be at least 16 years old.
  • If you are under 18, your parent or legal guardian must sign the 'consent' on the Application for Permit, Driver License or Non-Driver ID Card (MV-44) (they don't need to sign it at the DMV).
  • If you are 17 and have Driver Education Certificate (MV-285), you don't need parental consent.

Before you visit the DMV:

  1. Study the NYS Driver's Manual and take the practice tests so you can pass the written permit test.
  2. Complete an application Application for Permit, Driver License or Non-Driver ID Card (MV-44).
  3. Make sure you can prove your identity and age (if you are under age 21 and cannot provide enough proof of identity, your parent or guardian can complete a Statement of Identity by Parent/Guardian (MV-45) - they must sign it in front of a DMV representative).

When you go to a DMV office for your learner permit, you must bring:

  1. acceptable proof of your identity and age 
  2. your original Social Security Card (photocopies are not acceptable)
  3. a completed Application for Permit, Driver License or Non-Driver ID Card (MV-44)
  4. an Eye Test Report (MV-619) completed by an eye-care professional (if you do not want to take a vision test at the DMV office)
  5. payment for the fees (see fee chart)

About the Written Test
You must take a written test to receive your learner permit.  To pass the test, you must provide the correct answers to at least 14 of the 20 multiple-choice questions, which includes the correct answers to at least two of the four questions about road signs. 

If you pass the written test, the DMV will issue a temporary paper learner permit, until the photo permit comes in the mail. The photo permit that comes in the mail will be valid for approximately five years. (The exact expiration date depends on your date of birth and the date that you applied for the learner permit.)

What's next? 

Once, you have obtained your NYS Photo Permit, you can take advantage of any services we offer! For more information on driving lessons, classes, and how to obtain a NYS Driver's License, please use our navigation links at the top of the page.